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Andrew H. Campbell Omaha NE

Andrew H. Campbell Omaha NE is a consortium of peace, leadership, and conflict resolution scholar-practitioner. As the Director of the International Peace and Leadership Institute, Dr. Andrew Campbell  leads the mission of providing an exchange of ideas through conferences and seminars, and workshops that integrate leadership theory and application models within the conflict resolution and peace development discipline.

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Andrew H. Campbell Omaha NE

Dr. Andrew H Campbell has a Masters in Diplomacy in International Conflict Management from Norwich University as well as a Doctorate in Global Leadership from the Indiana Institute of Technology. In 2013 he received a Post-Grad certificate in International Law and Post-Conflict Reconstruction from the International Peace and Security Institute.

Andrew H Campbell Omaha NE

Andrew Campbell Omaha NE is a retired senior military officer, published author in national and international journals, an internationally recognized speaker, and an Adjunct Professor. In addition to being the Director of the IPL Institute, he is the Strategy and Integration Planner for USSTRATCOM, and the President of the Organization: International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation.  

With the International Peace and Leadership Institute, Dr. Campbell provides emerging organizational and strategic leadership research and development via face to face and online training programs for mid to senior military and government leaders in government and non-government organizations. This training is designed for organizational conflict prevention, specifically for conflict resolution practitioners who are conducting and executing peace development in a post-conflict environment.

Additionally, Andrew Campbell is an Adjunct Leadership Professor for Air Force Command and Staff College, Adjunct Professor for Federal Executive Institute, Leadership for Democratic Society-Crisis Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence and Leading Change for Norwich University. As an international speaker, he has addressed the World Society of Victimology at the Hague, International Peace Leadership at the World Unity Center in India, keynote speaker at International Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Bangkok Thailand, European Consortium for Political Research and regular speaker at the International Leadership Association.





Peace Leadership: Self-Transformation to Peace

In 2018, Dr. Andrew Campbell released his first book titled Peace Leadership: Self-Transformation to Peace. This read explores leadership theories to conceptualize the intersection of leadership and peace within conflict management and resolution.

“Never before has a book been written from such diverse perspectives. It resonates truly with what is possible when peace building is cultivated and promoted for a greater global social change.”
Dr Imbenzi George, Honorary Consul General (Kenya), Diplomatic Corps Vancouver, Canada

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“The hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself. When you can lead yourself through the challenges and difficulties, you will find that leading others becomes relatively straightforward. By being authentic and true to your beliefs, you can unite people around a common purpose and a set of values and empower them to step up and lead.”